Hello friend,
This is a post introducing how you can join Nathan's Minecraft server.
In case of any technical issue, please contact Nathan offline.
Have fun.


  • Make sure you use the Minecraft bedrock edition, but not the Java edition.
    • If you use a Android phone, Apple device or a gaming console (except Nintendo Switch), you are on the right path.
    • If you use a PC and has a 'launcher' to start Minecraft, then you are on the Java edition.
  • You have to sign in Minecraft with a Microsoft account.

Join the server

  1. Start the Minecraft app.
  2. Tap the Play button.
  3. Select the Servers tab of the main screen.
  4. Scroll down, then tap Add Server button.
  5. At 1nd input box (Server Name), input any name you like.
  6. At 2nd input box (Server Address), input ming.feng.in.
  7. Tap Save button.
  8. Step 4~7 only need to be done first time. Now you should see the new added server, select it and tap Join Server.
  9. Enjoy!


  • If you see an error message like client outdated, then go to Google Play Store or Apple Store to update the MineCraft app please.
  • If you see an error message like could not connect, try quit the Minecraft app fully (press the back button and quit, but not press the home button to minimise) and reconnect.